General Information
1.  If you are renting a house keeping cottage, please help us by "keeping house" while you are
here. Without your co-operation these cottages will not be as clean as you, or we, want them.

2.  There is limited dock space for a boat.  There is a $50 fee for the dock space.  The alternative
is to pull it up on shore and tie it to a tree.

3.  Check out time is 10:00 AM for housekeeping cottages and 11:00 (sharp) for motel units

4.  Guests staying at Nelson's Cottages may not have additional, unpaying guests on the property
without prior approval

5.  Please send your deposit by check or money order.  The remaining balance is to be paid in cash
up arrival.  There is a $50 fee for bounced checks.

6.  There is NO refund for early departure.

7.  Cancellation policy is as follows: If the cottage is re-rented your deposit will be returned less
$20.  If it is not rented, you do not receive any money back.

8.  There is no swimming after sunset.  Guests must be 16 or older to go to the beach alone.  These
are New York State private beach rules, which we are required to enforce.  
All guests must
observe the beach safety rules which are posted as you approach the beach.

9.  We do not allow tents or any other types of shelters to be put up on the property.  If you have a
question, please ask before bringing the equipment or setting up something that you may have to
take down.

10.  You must bring own linens (sheets and bath towels) in housekeeping cottages.

11.  We do not allow pets... not even birds, hamsters, mice, etc

12.  Please inform us ahead of time if the number of guests that you reserved to bring is changing.

13. We have cookie sheets, cake tins, spaghetti pots, etc. available for your use. Please ask for
them at the office.

We hope your stay here will be a pleasant and enjoyable experience.
If there are any problems, please let us know, so they may be rectified