The Painter Family
The Painter Family from different parts of New York.
"Every July we trek from Buffalo and Schenectady to spend
1 magical week at Nelson's Cottages.  We range in age for 7
to 75 and find activities that engage us all. It is always sad
leaving, but that's when we turn our thoughts forward in
anticipation of next years visit!"
"Adirondack Mountain Vacation"

Every year the Painter family goes to the Adirondacks for
They look forward to it with much anticipation
Every year they bring more and more
In fact, they have to pack the night before
They head east across the state
And move at a very slow rate
When the family watches the sun set that looks like fire
The loons sing like a choir
Then bears come out at night
And give them all a fright
When its finally time to go home
They climb in to their cars and begin to moan
Aaron Preston, age 12
Don Painter, from Schenectady.
Linda Painter Hoffman, from Buffalo, playing "Kan Jam" .
The Painter grandchildren: Matt, Michelle,
Nick, Austin, Giuliana, Lindsay and Aaron.
Matt Nolan and Michelle Preston from Buffalo.
The Adirondack Mountains

The fresh mountain air,
snug little cabins,
with room to spare,
fireworks over the lake,
popcorn in your hand,.
that I'll take.

Sand between your toes,
wind pushing against you,
waves rolling on the sand,
mountain and lake view,
that I'll take too!!

Lindsay Preston, age 12, July 18, 1998
On Sunday, July 10, 2011 Tommy asked Lindsay to marry
him, as her family looked on.  She happily accepted!
While Rob caught several Pike during their 2011 vacation,
this was the biggest - 43 inches long and 22 pounds.