Wild Life
The ducks often bring along their
baby ducklings.
The deer population is increasingly large in
the Adirondacks, so chances are you will see
plenty of deer up here.  Be careful!  The
deer often graze near the roads, even the
busy ones.  In fact, the old pasttime of
feeding deer on the side of the road will now
give you a ticket with a $100 fine.             
The Black Bears are also always looking for
food since the local dumps closed a few
years ago.  Usually scared of humans, these
bears can attack if cornered or if you
interfere with their cubs!  Chances are if you
leave any food or garbage out at night, you
will have a midnight snacker!
Hello: My name is Don Killino from Utica, NY.  I
caught this lake trout on Wednesday (August
20th, 2003).  I talked to some people who fish up
there and all of them said it's difficult to catch lake
trout.  The only way is to troll for them and I was
extremely lucky to get one in a kayak.  It's
beautiful up there so even if I did not catch
anything, the trip would have been well worth it."  
Loons are not as common as the
Mallard ducks, but are more
beautiful and interesting to watch.
In Spring and early Summer you are likely to
see fawns resting or grazing in the woods.
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